Business Channels

Video is more persuasive than other types of content is the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. And no technology is better at conveying emotion than video.

Business channel enables you to be more “in sync” with your viewers, allowing you to reinforce your message with intonation, eye “contact” and phrasing that clarifies your intention. They can see you, share your emotions and develop a relationship with you. Business Channel helps builds trust & credibility more effectively.


Video Classifieds enable show and tell sales channel for your Business. Not all people read newspapers, but almost everyone from all walks of life surf the net. Some publications in print cater to a limited few.

Video Classifieds can help your business in more than just one way by improving visibility and site ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing, attracting new customers, and helping the business reap the benefits of mass-scale advertising without putting a burden on the marketing budget.


Video surveys are a great option for business owners who would like to conduct their own research make it possible to perform market research at a fraction of the usual cost. It can be styled to match your business website and your brand.

Video surveys are less time consuming, they are cheaper, you get the results faster.The results of the survey can be used to answer important questions about your business

Management System

Education today is in the midst of a dramatic change. Probably one of the most stable industries for over a century, education is responding to today's economic and social realities by transforming its practices, structures and pedagogies.

Video Learning allows schools and institutions to record and provide rich streaming video anywhere at any time.Video-based learning offers an engaging, anywhere, anytime teaching and learning experience